Progress.. and Announcing “Fast Abs”

Hackademic 2012 is gathering a head of steam.  We’re getting great submissions from the CFP, we’ve announced a number of speakers already, and registration is rolling along.  All in all, preparations are going well.  Things are going so well, in fact, we decided to try a few new things with Hackademic.

One new item of interest is the Fast Abstract CFP.  While “Fast Abs” sounds like a workout trend, it’s really a great way to get your ideas and thoughts out without having to go through all the heavy lifting of a full submission and talk.  We’re really excited to be running a Fast Abs session at Hackademic and are looking forward to some great submissions.  Got a great idea or project but aren’t ready for a full conference submission?  Hit up the CFP and send it our way.

We’ve got a few other tricks up our sleeves.  Come back or follow us on Twitter for updates as Hackademic continues to progress.

So it begins…

Well, the Hackademic experiment has started.  For the last several decades, there has been a fantastic amount of security research performed that has changed the way we use and trust systems all around us.  However, this research has taken many forms.  From highly structured research performed in universities around the world to independent researchers using their own time and money to examine the topics they love, the Internet today has been shaped through the combined work of Hackers and Academics.  Often times the methods used by the two groups are very different, but the end results speak for themselves.

The contrast between these two groups is nothing new.  People like Sandy Clark have pointed out the importance of integrating these the environments in order to achieve maximal gain.  What is new, however, is an event like Hackademic specifically designed to integrate hackers and academics and help make both groups more successful in what they do.

Hackademic is backed by the IEEE Reliability Society.  IEEE RS recognizes the importance of information security as a discipline and is backing the Hackademic conference as a means to make the world a more secure place.  Heidi Potter (ShmooCon organizer) and Bruce Potter (The Shmoo Group founder) are organizing Hackademic and hope to create an event that really makes a difference in the research and success of the conference attendees.

What you see on the website today is just the beginning.  In the coming months, there will be a constant flow of updates.  We’re really looking forward to this event and hope you are too.  If you have questions, comments, or feedback, feel free to email us.

See you in June…

Heidi, Bruce, and the IEEE Reliability Society


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